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Stone art, fossil hunting highlight Rock and Mineral Club show

Traverse City Record Eagle - 3 weeks ago
TRAVERSE CITY — Michigan is fossil rich — and northern Michigan beaches and farmers' fields are prime hunting grounds, says Joseph “PaleoJoe” Kchodl. The Midland-based fossil expert,...

What's Happening Today and Beyond

Midland Daily News - 8 months ago
Midland's PaleoJoe will demonstrates how to clean and restore real dinosaur bones from 1 to 4 p.m. program at the Midland Center for the Arts. As PaleoJoe cleans the bones he will discuss...

Giant dinos invade MCFTA

Midland Daily News - 9 months ago
Older children and adults can view the different fossils featured near paleontologist Joseph "PaleoJoe" Kchodl's prep lab. Twice a month PaleoJoe will perform demonstrations and give...

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Fossil thought for the Week June 3rd, 2018

There are locations within the country where blocks of fossils can be found. generally they are portions of the sea floor or beach that have been preserved as large formations. We sometimes call these "Hash" just a conglomerate of dozens if not hundreds of fossils....

Fossil Thought for the Week May 14th

Mazon Creek Fauna. During the Carboniferous Period plants had taken over the world. Several locations around the world produced vast coal mining regions made up of those dead and buried forests and plants. One such location where plant fossils can be found is Mazonia...

Fossil thought for the Week of May 7th

Sorry it has been so long - been really swamped. Soft tissue preservation. It is extremely rare to find any soft tissue preservation in fossils. However there are some cases when this does occur. One very special location is in New York. The fossil trilobites exhibit...

Fossil Thought for the Week of April 9th

Corals - some of the most prolific creatures of the ancient and modern salt water seas are also some of the commonest fossils found. They can be found on nearly every continent and vary greatly in size, shape, and species. These are some of the entry level fossil...

Fossil Thought for the Week of April 2

Landscaping. Before you whack at the rocks with a hammer or try to pull the fossil out of the matrix, try to think how cool it might look if you just clean it a little and leave it "landscaped" on the matrix itself. These Brachiopods look great almost like they are...

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